My photographic practice stems from a desire to capture the beauty and emotion of the natural habitat, wildlife, domestic animals and pets that I love. I keep to a very high technical standard whilst using lighting and subject to achieve expression. I have found that my work producing & teaching electronic music is useful in marrying technology & emotion as well as being objectively analytical of my work in order to continually improve.


Charity work has been very important to my photography, and my main organisation at the moment is PACT Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk. I photograph a huge variety of wild and domestic species, from cats and dogs to hedgehogs, birds of prey, waterfowl and farm animals for their website, social media, sponsor images and greetings cards. 

My Facebook and Flickr pages are updated every day or two and contain many more examples of my photography. Store now open for print sales.

On the ITV's Alan Tictchmarsh show as a category winner of RHS Photographer of the Year...


Photos by Hilary Carlisle