I began photography in 2013, originally to help to relax after being diagnosed with M.E. I soon became obsessed with making images as beautiful and emotional as possible, and so became drawn to swans as my main subject matter. I also enjoy photographing my cats, as well as rescue cats and other animals for charities.

Technical values are important to me as a way to make make the most beautiful and emotional photographs, so in the field I make best use of the best equipment I can.. I like to keep my photographs true to the subject matter, so I generally do not edit in an extreme or false way. I do love my images to be as technically accomplished as possibles though so I take a great deal of care over all the small edits I do, after years of experimenting with more complex techniques.

I was an electronic music producer before I took up photography, and have recently began to compose music to complement to swan photographs. See the first works in the video section…



Stock photography at Dreamstime


Greetings cards at The Heart of the Garden


Prints – there are some prints for sale on this site, most people prefer to order bespoke images from me directly either through Facebook or email Jonathan@JonathanCaseyPhotography.com



Photos by Hilary Carlisle